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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Matthew Chapter 9

Matthew chapter 9

True faith is accompanied by action. That is the faith that heals. A broken body is the same as a broken spirit. Faith and forgiveness must go hand in hand. Healing of the body is the same as healing the spirit (forgiveness of sins). Both come from the same authority. An authority the religious leaders do not need or understand. The righteous have already saved themselves, but the “sinner” still needs a doctor for healing. To them, Jesus has come to minister. The old do not understand the new. Jesus is new wine and a new patch that the old religion and tradition do not understand. He needs new ways to express what he has come to say and do. His teachings and healing with authority reflect this new way of faith.

Faith overcomes sickness and death; even demons flee before Jesus. “Nothing like this has been seen in Israel.” Jesus is new. Everywhere Jesus went he saw the need for his message and healing. The crowds were harassed and helpless. The state, the religion, and the leaders had all turned away from the crowds but Jesus had compassion on them and saw the great need there.

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