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Monday, April 30, 2007

The mind

What is the mind? How far does it reach? Is the mind contained in the head... or in the experience of being?

Life is beautiful if one is willing to allow the beauty to exist. It cannot be forced or rushed or pushed into its existence. Beauty must unfold on it own, just as life does. Each day, each experience can either reveal or it can destroy. The beauty of the flower is already present in the flower bud. One must wait to watch it be revealed... or become impatient and destroy the bud... or find beauty in the bud itself and then again in the bloom and then again in the wilted flower and then again and again. Beauty is always present, depending on how you define beauty and how willing you are to look.

The mind seeks out the beautiful, the good, the true. Be the mind of beauty; be the mind of good; be the mind of truth. Find it and live it.