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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Memoirs of a Super Criminal Cover Art

These are three possible options for the cover of my new novel. Please leave a comment as to which one you like best and maybe a reason why. You can read a sample of my novel below this post.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Memoirs of a Super Criminal, excerpt.

An alleyway door clanged open and two men exited hurriedly. In the distance an alarm screeched and blared. The two men wore costumes. The one leading the way was dressed in all black with red gloves cut to look like flames. The other wore a simple gray jumpsuit with black military boots and a black mask. They both carried sacks.

“Hurry, fool, this way.” The leader said in earnestness.

“Don’t call me a fool. You tripped the alarm, not me.” The other angrily answered.

They neared the end of the alley and just before it turned left towards a side street, a dumpster crashed down to block their way. They both turned abruptly and saw him at the end of the alley; the red cape billowed out behind him.

They dropped their bags. The man in gray stepped against the wall and became invisible. The other raised his flame shaped gloved to defend himself but before he could shoot, a red blur was upon him.

Armageddon held the criminal by one arm. They were suspended a foot off the ground.

“Where is El Mag?” Armageddon whispered.

“Who the hell is that? Let go! You are crushing my arm!” The criminal cried.

“Tell me what I want to know or it will get worse,” Armageddon squeezed.

The criminal let out an agonizing squeal. “Stop, stop, stop! I don’t know who that is. Honest, stop!” The pain coursed down his arm. He could feel his bones slowly breaking.

Armageddon threw him to the ground and touched down lightly beside him. He reached down with both hands and grasped the criminal’s injured arm. He began to twist. The arm made a sickening sound as the bones broke and flesh tore.

The criminal screamed and clawed to be released. “Stop! I don’t know! Stop! Please!” He whispered in exasperation.

Armageddon had no sympathy. “Tell me, what you do know? Tell me now or I will rip your other arm off.” The criminal lay on the ground and whimpered.

Armageddon turned suddenly and looked over his shoulder. Laser bolts shot from his eyes and scorched a mark across the wall. A moment later a body fell to the ground, cut in two.

Armageddon looked back down at the man at his feet. His eyes glowed red. The criminal wet himself and cried harder. Just then a squad car pulled into the alley; blue and red lights cast shadows along the walls. Armageddon stood up and walked towards the car.

The police met Armageddon half way down the alley.

Armageddon addressed the police in an official voice. “Careful with that one. He has super powers. He can, could, shoot fire from his hands. The other one, he could turn invisible. I warned him twice to show himself and then gave a warning blast. I thought he might have been sneaking up behind me while I tried to subdue the other one. I guess I was off with my blast. Don’t worry I will file a full report as is my duty. Have a nice day officers.” Armageddon jumped into the air and flew away. His red cape billowed out behind him.

The lead officer grabbed his radio and called it in. The second officer inspected the scene. One body cut in two. The other one lay in a pool of blood with a limp hand ending in a mangled forearm cradled in his lap; pure hatred in his eyes as he glared at that red cape.

“What the hell happened?” The officer whispered to himself.

"Memoirs of a Super Criminal"

Copyright David Corbet 2011