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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Matthew Chapter 12

Matthew Chapter 12

The Sabbath is for rest and communion with God, not for a legalized entrapment of others. The Sabbath is for health, healing and community. The religious leaders cannot understand the spirit of God because they are trapped by their understanding of Scripture. Even where the Scripture points to the Spirit they can only misunderstand. Sabbath rest is not a legalized ideal but a place of mercy.

Anything the religious leaders try against Jesus is easily refuted because they are not acting in the Spirit. History will stand against the generation that does not believe because history understands the Spirit as a testimony of the times to one who is greater than those in the past. The testimony of history supports the claims of the spirit, not the claims of the religious leaders.

Evil will be known by the fruits, which are produced out of the heart.

Being a disciple means being family.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Matthew Chapter 11

Mathew Chapter 11

John wonders about Jesus if he is the one to come or not. Earlier when John baptized Jesus, he knew. Now that John has been arrested and locked up in prison maybe his faith is shaken and he doubts what he once knew in the spirit of faith. Jesus reaffirms John’s faith by pointing out the good works and the good message that is being accomplished.

Now Jesus questions the crowd about who John is. John is the forerunner and herald of change. The crowds have left John for Jesus but the power and position of John has not changed. He is the Elijah who will bring the kingdom closer to all who can hear and understand.

Even those who witness the power of Jesus are unrepentant. They do not “hear” what the true message is. They have had their chance and time is coming to an end for them. They could have fasted with John or celebrated with Jesus, but instead they refused them both.

Repentance and life in Jesus is an easy burden unlike the Law, which has been made extremely difficult. Legalism of the Law oppresses, but the yoke of Jesus is mercy, forgiveness and compassion, which sets one free and makes life easier. Life in Jesus is not a burden but a freedom.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Matthew Chapter 10

Matthew Chapter 10

The workers are few. Jesus gathers his twelve disciples and empowers them with the authority to carry on his ministry. His commission comes with a price, total obedience to God. God will provide the means and the way. They are to depend upon God for the worker is worthy of his keep. None of them will be able to say “I did it” for it will all be from God. In fact the only reward they can expect is persecution, just as their Master, Jesus, is going to be persecuted. Jesus is in it with them and they with him. But the eternal reward will be worth the pain of this world.

Being sent by Jesus to preach and heal means being given special authority. Everyone will not recognize that authority. Those who recognize it will be blessed to receive the teachings. But being a disciple of Jesus requires sacrifice which the world does not understand but is necessary for the later reward. The Spirit empowers the disciples to make a difference in the world.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Matthew Chapter 9

Matthew chapter 9

True faith is accompanied by action. That is the faith that heals. A broken body is the same as a broken spirit. Faith and forgiveness must go hand in hand. Healing of the body is the same as healing the spirit (forgiveness of sins). Both come from the same authority. An authority the religious leaders do not need or understand. The righteous have already saved themselves, but the “sinner” still needs a doctor for healing. To them, Jesus has come to minister. The old do not understand the new. Jesus is new wine and a new patch that the old religion and tradition do not understand. He needs new ways to express what he has come to say and do. His teachings and healing with authority reflect this new way of faith.

Faith overcomes sickness and death; even demons flee before Jesus. “Nothing like this has been seen in Israel.” Jesus is new. Everywhere Jesus went he saw the need for his message and healing. The crowds were harassed and helpless. The state, the religion, and the leaders had all turned away from the crowds but Jesus had compassion on them and saw the great need there.