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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Matthew Chapter 13

Matthew Chapter 13

The kingdom message is always a good thing. How it is received determines the fruit it will bear. Parables are used because not all are meant to understand, only those who have the eyes and ears set on the truth of God. How do we received the message, do we hear and see it?

The seed is the Gospel message, the kingdom of heaven. We are the soil, we all receive the seed but some are conditioned and ready to let the seed grow into a fertile plant. But hearing means being open, receptive, it means giving all for the seed, not worrying, or delaying. The soil only receives; God does the growing. In the end, the good seed in the good soil is all that remains.

Listening to the parables requires a response. Either one understands and accepts or one does not understand and the seed falls away. How do you respond to the seed planted in your life to day?