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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Matthew Chapter 14

Matthew Chapter 14

Herod, the secular politician, is trapped in this own words and lusts. The cost of saving face is the death of an innocent man, John. Corruption cannot stand before morality.

Jesus wishes to morn but the crowds do not let him. Jesus continues to bless and heal the crowds, providing for what they need. Jesus seems to move on a different plane then everyone else. Nature has no hold on him, nor does fear. Peter is still fearful and learning faith. It is easy to believe in some one else, but much harder to believe in oneself. Herod feared what his dinner guests would say and Peter feared the wind and water, neither had faith in their own actions. Others had enough faith to just reach out and touch Jesus’ cloak to receive healing.

Fear drives away faith, faith reaches towards and follows after Jesus into all the places he may go. Eyes on Jesus in faith do not leave room for fear.