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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest writer Contributes a Poem: Altar

               Her trinkets and personal possessions scattered the
tattered chest
                Treasures brought back from her spiritual quest…
                Young Buddha heard the late night drums and the Ying Yang symbol draped her neck as she
wandered amidst songs to Hare Krishna
                Hippy Highway heard the gentle jingles from angels ‘round her ankle and the soothing
incense smells cradled her to sleep.
                And here I am enthralled by the story of her scattered altar
                This sister who I may have passed late at night looking for a warm fire and sweet sounds
of a lilting mandolin
                Who knew my heart was still floating freely in the magical bitter roots and an occasional, “We love you!” chorus
                As I vowed to nestle collected wares from my own spiritual adventure
                So sacred and divine as this carefully traded scarf that once adorned my dreaded hair whispers those memories
                Of the peace I longed for chanted in those rhythmic drums
                And soothing yoga over-looking the expansive valley
                As I delicately place the lotus and energetic rocks upon my tapestry of moons
and stars
                a top my own tattered chest that contently becomes the altar I bow to.

Copyright Heather Corbet 2006