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Monday, May 28, 2007

Creating the Tempist of Change

One Word for Freedom
and the self-same Word
for bondage.
The Apple plucked
in free will
deposited in predestination
Bound together for
life; cycling, orbiting
the depths of
The Soul and Mind.
Illusions of the imagination
as words stripped of meaning
Parade as politicians and
religious leaders cry
Peace and compassion
But only confound confusion
with delusion hoping to
set the Spirit free.
This age has no Spirit
but the one chained
by technocratic multiplicity.
Simply speak the Name
of eternal salvation
and bring an end to Time.
This day is not yet done
and yet the sun already
rises on the morrow.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Philosophy is the academic study of thinking. Literally, it is the love of wisdom. And that is what thinking should be bringing us closer towards. But what do we think about?

If we admit it or not, we all have a personal philosophy. Seldom do we think it through as a system of thought that controls our lives and our actions. But it is there nonetheless. We should think it through. Why do we respond the way we do to life? Why is our response towards this great big experience-creating machine called "reality" different than other peoples? Once we begin to think upon such questions, we realize a few things. We see that our perspective is just one out of six billion perspectives that are operative right now. We come to realize that life is greater than "me." We understand that there is much to think about when it comes to the dynamics of the relationship between the "self" (me) and reality (everything else).

When the tough questions are asked we should take the time to answer them. Ponder that tough question for a few moments and decide if it is relevant to your life and how, ultimately, it will affect you and your world. If we ask questions and seek answers, then it would only make sense to bring our actions into accordance with what we find.

A parable (it may be true... or not): A girl was watching her mother prepare dinner. The mother pulled out a large pot roast, cut a piece off both ends, plopped it into a large roaster and began cooking it. The girl asked, "Mom, why did you cut the ends off?"
"That is how I was taught to do it," answered the mother.
"But why?" Insisted the girl.
"I don't know. Go ask your grandmother, she was the one who taught me."
The little girl was not going to let it drop without coming to an answer. So she ran down the street to her grandmother's house.
"Grandma, why do you cut the ends off the roast?"
"Well, my grandchild," began the grandmother, "I had to because the pan I had was always too small for the roasts that your grandfather would bring home from the butcher's shop."

How many lessons have you inherited without asking about them: religion, science, culture, politics, ethics, etc...?

Your life does not become "yours" until you own it. Think. Seek wisdom and understanding. Once you do and say and think your actions and words and thoughts because they are yours, then you will be "you."