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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Bible

I had two eager visitors this morning knocking on my door promoting Bible reading in the area. I politely turned them away, but it got me thinking. The Bible, more copies sold world wide historically than any other book, is the most controversial book EVER. If there was any other object in history that has caused as much war, hatred, intolerance and cruelty, then every nation, people group and government would quickly and unilaterally outlaw it. But Bible sales are going strong... I should stop myself here and reflect upon what I am saying (hopefully Christians haven't stopped reading yet to formulate their defense).

I minored in Biblical Studies in my undergraduate program. And for a time I defended the Bible tooth and nail. But then I realized it wasn't the Bible I was defending, but my interpretation of the Bible. It was my belief structure rooted in my understanding of the Bible (the making of a vicious cycle) that I defended so arduously. And when I realized exactly what I was doing, it made me sick. I moved from defending what I thought was the "truth," to understanding that I was only defending my version of, or what I understood to be, the truth: my opinion. I caused more strife and animosity with my "defense" than any amount of good could over come. And so I had to re-evaluate and walk away from that whole scene.

With new and fresh eyes I approached the Bible again. And found something wonderful and awesome. I can no longer raise my opinion above others. I have to respect the heartfelt belief of others even if I disagree with them. I think everyone, with open eyes and heart, should read the Bible and come to their OWN understanding of what it says. Don't let others tell you what they think it says. Read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions. It is the ones in power and authority creating "interpretations" of the Bible to further their own agendas that bring about all the war, strife, hatred, intolerance, etc... The Bible is just the object used by lesser people to try to make themselves great.

Two side notes:
1. I am not a church-going Christian. I will explain that in more detail later, or you can ask questions in the comments section if you can't wait.
2. Everything I said above extends to any and every holy or sacred book. We are each responsible for our own beliefs. So read, reflect, think and repeat.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So I just read your blog on "The Bible" today (Heather resent the link to the page) is amazing that I was just thinking about the Bible and religion yesterday on my drive home and was getting myself a bit worked up about all the wars, notions, prejudices, etc that are ingrained in our lives and in history all in the name of religion. Your sentiments echo in my mind and heart as to the 'truth' and how it speaks to each person. I agree with you that each of us should seek out what it means to us and how we find meaning in life from the text of books such as the Bible.

I also think that each religion holds truths that are correct. The Christian God, if he is the ALMIGHTY, is undoubtedly the God of all people and life everywhere (that is not to say that the picture in our minds eye of God is correct), yet in the minds of people all over the world there are different notions of religion and different gods in every corner of the globe.
I would theorize that each of these religions hold certain truths that are correct, the Christian way and the Bible itself has been touched by human hands and interpretted time and time again over the centuries, therefore falliable in my opinion. I am not as versed as I'd like to be in any or all religions, but it is my belief that if one study each major religion and culture, seek out the underlying and major truths that the religion is based upon, do a litmus test by applying them to any 'people' free of bias, and tie together those that have commonalities, only then would one be closer to a holistic truth than taking any one fully and completely on Faith (so to speak).
Bottom line, I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the good work as there are inquiring eyes and minds out here reading.
Take care and peace to you all!

Anonymous said...

I was struck by your ideas--but think it interesting that, at the end, you qualified your essay--saying "do not bother me with your blather." No Bible Thumping. Your Torah is not better than my Bible.
But, anyway,I agree--all Holy Writings are invested in "Opinion".
I don't think there were too many reporters around, scribing on papyrus in the last thousands of years, "getting it right."
I used to advise my Children with this thought when other Children derided them. The opposing child's "Opinion" was that, nothing more.
But, on the other side,our entire Life is directed by it.
We make our routine by it. Our Opinion. Their Opinion.
Wars are usually started, or flamed, at the top of the Opinion Pyrimad. --And use their Holy Writings for the basis of this War.Then, of course, the Exalted Leader with a thousand Soldiers, are "right."
When we read something with much solid sounding History, many times we wrap our minds around it, and make it "right". Or, at least, our Elders make sure you do, or else.
Which brings one to another point:
Are we really reading the Holy Writing were taught with at our Parent's knee--by choice? Or should we look into another Script: Torah, Koran,etc.?
--Maybe Someone else's Opinion is
More Right.P.

Daav Corbet said...

I am glad that I am coming across somewhat intellegible to my readers. Thank you for the comments. I appreciate the feedback.