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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Entropy is a term used to define the movement towards being inert; it is a definition of potential energy available for work. As a system uses energy it moves towards inertia. Once all the energy is used and if more energy is not put in to the system, then the system ends. Think of a wind up toy running down until someone turns the key to add more energy. I think life is the same way. I don't mean biological life (although if we stop eating or adding energy through food, then our systems come to an end in death), I mean psychological life: the power to be.

Some people seem to have an overabundance of psychic energy and life comes easily to them. They can see the possibilites before them and they plan how to capitalize on it. They can see life as it opens before them and they have the energy, discipline and orginizational skills to take full advantage of it. Little seems to bring them down. How do they do this? Where do they get the energy to sustain themselves?

Other people always seem to be fighting entropy. Life is always on the down-and-out regardless of how hard they try. The energy is just not available to move forward with plans and decisions. Entropy is always a constant worry. Life seems to always take more than it gives. Why do some people always lack the energy needed to get ahead, or even to stay the same? Why is life always pulling them down?

Energy is a slippery substance. It can't be grasped. It is elusive. I think that when it comes to psychic entropy it has a lot to do with the wiring in the system. There seems to be three types of people: the selfish energy suckers, the selfless energy givers, and the balanced few. I should say these three types are predominant on a continuum.
  1. The selfish energy suckers: Some of us consume most of the available energy on our selves and have little to give others. This becomes cyclical until we run out of energy. It is hard to be around people who are consumed with themselves and their need to suck up all the energy. After awhile they are left alone, resulting in a system with no one to draw energy from.
  2. The selfless energy givers: There are others who always give all their energy away and have little left for themselves. Often they become entrapped with people who tend to need energy and always suck it from them. Eventually, they are drained dry and wilt.
  3. The balanced few: We can't spend all our energy on ourselves and yet we can't give it all away either. A balance has to be reached, a give and take. I think some people have that natural balance and they proceed well with life.

It is hard to tell the type of person from just the outward appearance. But in the end it always becomes known by the ultimate results. Learning to have a balance is most difficult. Those that come by it naturally cannot understand the struggle of those who must work hard to maintain it. And those who struggle to move into a position of balance know how hard they must work to maintain it; seemingly that in one lax moment, entropy wins.

This psychic energy comes from various sources. Some of it comes internally, especially with the introvert who needs time alone to recharge their batteries. Some of it comes externally from others, especially with the extrovert who needs crowds to recharge their batteries. Some of the energy comes from a will to be, the courage to triumph and move ahead with life. All of this is filtered through the individuals psychic and physical predispositions. It is not an easy form to color because of the multiple shades of personality and physical characteristics that come into play.

I find that in my own life I feel that I must fight entropy often. I must maintain discipline until that discipline becomes habit, but if that habit is broken then entropy takes over quickly. I can find a million and one excuses to not paint, or write or exercise. I must then make the concerted effort to regain the discipline and reform the habits. Things like life changes, disruptions in routines, change of location or job, etc. are all causes for me to waver in my healthy habits and disciplines. It then takes weeks (if I work hard at it) or months to recover to the place I was previously. That is one reason I dislike change. My natural state seems to be one of low energy. So to take on tasks that require high energy I have to work extra hard and it takes an extra toll. I then need more time to recover my energy, being an introvert that means hiding away. But that time has to be spent in rebuilding my energy, doing things that give me meaning and fill me up, not just vegging out on TV. I have to find that balance between gaining energy and using energy. It is difficult.

Ok I have wandered on long enough. Any thoughts or comments?


Mitch said...

Hi Dave.

What about expansion of the system? It would seem psychic energy is needed by some system we humans process. I feel systems should be expanded for optimal performance in order to maintain development of not just one’s character but the ability to intertwine one’s self with others. Many in this world seem to choose not to see their full potential.

However, those who seem never enough energy seems to exit, they display a limitless expansion of potential (there are exceptions of course).

You mentioned capitalization of those who seem to have abundant flow of energy. Can capitalization of “possibilities” be used as a measurement to determine if psychic energy has reached a balance?

Is one's system predetermined based at birth or does the environment play into the system? How is the wiring changed. (I don’t like to use the word “change” but since this is entropy it’s best suited).

Heather told me about this blog.

Daav Corbet said...

Mitch, These are all really great questions. Thanks for reading and responding.

I am not sure how the whole system would work. It was just a thought rattling around in my brain that I decided to get out.
I do think that psychic energy is needed, but where does it come from? Is it a closed system with limited energy supplies? If I use more, am I stealing it from you? I am not sure how to answer these questions.

I dont think one's system is predetermined. We may have tendencies towards a certain position. But a tendency can either be reenforced and entrenched by the local environment or it can be altered. Of Course the older you are the harder it will be to alter your use of energy. Habits die hard.

I dont see the use of energy as a black/white (either/or) issue. I see it as balance and harmony (both/and). There are times we need to conserve our energy and other times we need to give it away. It is finding those moments of balance and holding them as long as possible that creates stability in the system. But life is so chaotic that stability or equalibrium is a platonic form that may never be achieved only continually strived for.