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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Sample for Memoirs of a Super Criminal

Here is a sample from my novel: Memoirs of a Super Criminal. This sample is not in the free sample down load, so it is a little extra something.

"There is just one more thing. I have to do this.” El Mag stated.

“One more thing? What thing? We are all set. We are in the clear. I have checked and double-checked. We are clear, or will be soon. It is over.” Dyna said exacerbated.

“It is not over, not yet. I learned something. And… and I did not tell you about it,” El Mag hung his head. “I did not want to keep it from you, but I did. I felt like I had to until we were clear, but now I have to deal with it.”

“With what? What the hell is it that you have been keeping from me?” Dyna was beginning to get mad.

“Armageddon. He has been hunting me. He wants to use me as an example. I am one of, no, the last one of, the old school of criminals. He has made it his mission to bring me down one way or another. He won’t stop until I am… well whatever he does to me.”

Concern creased the brow of Dyna. This was deep and he should have not kept it from her, but she tried to understand. “Why now? Why you and not Danny?”

“Why me? Because I have been at it for over thirty years. Danny is behind the scenes. If they caught him it would devastate the criminal community but the public would not care. But me? Thirty years of headlines. Armageddon wants to set an example. Eventually everyone gets caught. But I think I have it figured out. I can beat him.”

“You can beat him? All of a sudden you can beat him. No one can beat him. He will beat you and if you assault him then he will make sure you don’t get up. Ever!” Dyna had moved from mad to furious in seconds. She wanted to punch something, something big and hard.

“I know. But if I don’t then we will never have peace. Then all that we have done, our whole lives, is meaningless. I can do it.”

“Now you care about meaning. Now you want to stand on some principles.” Dyna nearly spat the words out.

“No, nothing like that. We have built a life together. A life that we wanted. I am not ready for that to end. I don’t want to go into hiding. I want to be clear of it all. We have the money to take care of what we have to. But that will not give us peace.”

“Our life is not about peace. Or meaning. You are right, we did create something out of the mainstream. We lived the life we wanted. And we almost lost it all. But we made it past that. Isn’t that enough? Let’s just go.”

“With Armageddon, there is no place to go. He will always be on the prowl. Hunting. I have to stand against him. I have to fight him for my life, our life, our way of living,” El Mag said, wanting Dyna to understand.

“Bullshit. Lets just go and he will always be busy with some criminal somewhere. You know how it is. Heroes are always sidetracked by the next crisis. They never follow up. Out of sight, out of mind. You always said that.”

“I know. So maybe he won’t get around to it. But, we will always have to live looking over our backs. I don’t want that life. I want to be free of it all.”

“Then fight him when he comes for you, for us. I will stand by your side and punch him until his head explodes.”

The passion in Dyna’s statements made El Mag laugh. She gave him that stern look, but then also smiled. She knew that he was determined. She read it in his eyes. They looked at each other for a few moments. They both knew it had to be this way. Not only for them to be free, but also for Armageddon, a sanctioned bully, to be taken down a notch.

“Ok. Ok. I assume you have a plan,” Dyna gave in.

Copyright 2011 David Corbet
Excerpt from Memoirs of a Super Criminal available on Kindle and Nook

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