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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reflections on 2012 Readings

I made 2012 the year of the Gospels. I divided the year into quarters and studied one Gospel in each of the three-month quarters. I read each Gospel three times, once per month. In the first reading, I read it independently to let the book speak to me, as it stands alone. The second reading, I read it in conjunction with notes, commentary, and aids to deepen the experience. During the third reading, I reflected upon the first two readings allowing the spirit to speak inwardly as I worked towards understanding and meaning.

I learned much about the Gospels as literature, history, narrative, but mostly as books of faith. I attempted to keep my own academic past from intruding on my readings. I strove to approach the Gospels with open and new eyes. In that process, I found much that I had forgotten, much that I needed to learn and a story of Jesus that was new. Removing, as best as possible, the theological and ecclesiastical expectations allowed me to find a Jesus who was out of the ordinary and fresh.

This blog is an attempt to capture my thoughts, insights and reflections upon this new Jesus. My plan is to post two or three times weekly a short reflection upon a Gospel chapter or section. I will try not to lapse into academic jargon or wax philosophical which is my nature but rather to keep the posts reflective and simple.

I welcome comments and questions. I encourage an active readership. 

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