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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Matthew Chapter 8

Matthew Chapter 8

Jesus, finished with this section of teachings, begins to heal all those who come and ask for healing. A leprous man, a Centurion’s servant, and a woman, are all outsiders to the community of Jews. In them, Jesus finds great faith, even greater faith then among his own Jews. So much faith that it will replace the Jews and many will come from the East and West to sit with God at the final banquet. Great faith is found in Jesus’ ability to heal. This adds weight to Jesus teachings.

Jesus’ power seems to have no limits. But the faith of his disciples is limited. They have yet to understand the true nature of Jesus. Yet power can frighten. Instead of faith and freedom at the power over demons, some turn to fear. Responding in faith means over coming fear, fear of the expected, fear of the unknown, fear of the outcome. Faith means seeing a better possible future where the servant is healed, the leprosy is gone, and the demons ran off. Faith is holding to what can be even in the face of the fear which only focus on what is. How does one respond to Jesus power and authority?

Only gaze upon the slumbering lord in the midst of troubles to be comforted that peace can be had, even here.

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