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Monday, November 4, 2013

Truth big T or little t

Science searches for truth through facts (data).

Religion (spirituality) searches for truth through meaning.

The truth of science is not the same as the truth of religion.

Data (facts) does not lead to meaning only knowledge.

Meaning does not lead to knowledge only awareness. 

When awareness is added to knowledge through reflection, intuition and insights then a greater truth is revealed. A truth that neither science nor religion can capture or reveal on its own. To stay firmly rooted in one position as opposed to the other (science vs. religion) is to deny the full truth and to lead a half life mistaking it for a full life. Knowledge and awareness leads to wisdom which seems to be greatly lacking in both the realms of science and religions. To fight over truth (little t) and yet mistake it for Truth (big T) brings nothing but discord and is as far from wisdom as one can get.

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