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Friday, June 8, 2007

Two Types of Artists

There are really only two types of artists in the world: Museum artists and commercial artists.

A museum artist is the "true" artist, or so they would like to call themselves. They are doing art for the sake of art, for the inspiration, for the cutting edge visual, for the seemingly thought- provoking creations. They are not "sell-outs" and they seldom make it. They are either a starving artist or bi-vocational.

And to the museum artist, the commerical artist shake their heads, walk into their studios and produce works of arts which are sold. They are living by their brushes. They have distinctive styles and modes, and they even may produce, from time to time, those pure expressions of their artistic aims. Seldom do they push the edge, but they get to do what they enjoy the most: their artwork. And they live through it and by it.

The art world needs both. We need the explorers searching for new ways to express, impress and create. We also need the others who take the art into the common homes across the globe. We need the community to be diverse and understanding. Art is not a monolythic idea, but rather a fluid and dynamic, shifting, living and breathing entity.

So what am I? I am an artist. I am not yet good enough to live by my brush alone, so I am bi-vocational (not willing to starve for my art). And as most artists, I have visions of grandure but temper that with a realistic view. I would much rather live by my brush and enjoy my life doing so even if it means I never gain museum fame. I guess I see that I am in this for the long haul, so each day I do what I can and enjoy the time doing it.


Anonymous said...

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Scott Zillner said...

I am a sell out artist what do you want i will do it just pay me . I did 3 controllers yesterday for a company two were disney princess stuff . Did i want to do them no but it paid so heck yeah . I have my own stuff i like to do and other stuff i would love to have time for but i alwasy have to put them on the back burner for paying projects.

Daav Corbet said...

I am getting tired of being a bivocational artist. I would much rather shape my life around the possibility of living by my art, what ever it takes. (Yes I will sell out to the highest bidder, or any bidder!!!) I think painting, creating daily is better than working a 9-5 and then trying to "do art" in my spare time, which I never have.