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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Aspens in the Dark, Acrylic on canvas

Aspens in the Dark, Acrylic on Canvas 18x24, not available

Trees have always held symbolic power for me. While painting the series "Through the Leaves" I wanted to explore the many different ways trees effect us. Through the acrylic pour techniques I used I was able to capture the full range from spring budding and blooming to the autumn changing of colors. This painting is Aspens in the Dark. 

 Aspens remind me of the mountains, especially the mountains of Idaho where I spent many years. In the summer the cool breeze would make the Aspen leaves "quake" gently. The flipping from light green to dark green and back again as each side of the leaf would flash in the light was always very calming. 

But Aspens in the fall where pure delight. Those dashes of yellows and oranges mixed in a hillside of every green pines. They would glow in the early morning dawn and look like tongues of fire on the mountain side with the setting of the sun. 

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