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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mark 2:13-22

Mark 2:13-22
Jesus does not make it about religion or sin or cultural expectations. The religious leaders do that. Jesus makes it about healing, about being the medicine/doctor who the sick need. Jesus is not about religion but rather about living. Religion says, “fast now, observe this rite, attend that meeting.” Jesus says, “celebrate now, have life and have it abundantly.”

And here we have a wonderful parable that sums up Jesus and his teachings. He will always be at odds with the Old Faith for he is new wine, which does not go into old wine skins. Jesus is new and only a new understanding of faith will contain Jesus. He does not fit onto an old cloth or teaching, it would be a bad fit and ultimately destructive. Not that the newness of Jesus supersedes the Old, only that it is different and requires a new perspective. The Old Faith cannot understand nor accept this newness. The new that is Jesus is not because he is novel, but rather because he is fresh, spirit inspired. When the spirit infuses faith old norms, understandings and traditions tend to fall away. Look for the spirit and faith to see the newness of Jesus. Is Jesus still new today or have we turned his life and teachings into an Old Faith?

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