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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mark 2:23- 3:19

Mark 2:23- 3:19
 Remember we already know that God is pleased with his son. We are, in part, searching for the answer to: why is God pleased with Jesus? In this section we see the religious leaders are displeased with Jesus for he is breaking or allowing to be broken the Law of God, or rather their understanding of the Law. But Jesus has already shown that the way to the Kingdom is compassion and healing. That is the role of the Sabbath. It is not a time of strict religious observance, but a time of rest when wounds can have a time to heal, even wounds of the earth. A Sabbath rest is important for the soul, the community, and creation. God is pleased with Jesus and his understanding of what the true Sabbath is about, but the religious leaders are displeased and it takes them down a dark path. It is not easy to hear the truth when one has heard nothing but half-truths, propaganda and even lies. But the truth of compassion will draw crowds seeking healing which they are not finding in the established institutions. Jesus offered something the religion of the day could not: hope and healing. The common people will seek what is good for them even in opposition to authority.

Jesus frequently withdraws into the hills, valleys and lakes to create a space in nature where the city and the institutions can be left behind. In that open space of nature, truth of healing and compassion can be experienced. Important decisions take place on the mountain, such as choosing the Twelve Disciples. Do you find a Sabbath rest that nurtures the soul and body? Do you escape into nature to find truth and healing?

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