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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mark 3:20-35

Mark 3:20-35
“...again a crowd gathered,” This is a repetitive theme. Jesus draws the crowd. But he does not use this power to control the crowd or to gain position in the community. He guides and heals them and sends them on their way. And because of his proper use of authority the religious leaders call him demon possessed. They cannot understand why he does not translate that power into control, for they certainly do. His actions are so far outside of their norm the only explanation they can think of is he must be demon possessed.

Even Jesus’ family is concerned, for family always seems to know better when someone is acting outside of expected behaviors. But Jesus easily pokes holes in their arguments and concerns. A united house is strong; a divided house falls. If he is from Satan then Satan is already lost. But if he is not? Then something new is happening. Pay attention and listen to God’s will for that is entrance into the winning side, the united side, the family of God. Jesus, by his act of compassion, draws crowds. The religious leaders try to explain it away instead of accepting it as true and valid evidence of God. Jesus is showing the right way to act, where his own family and the religious leaders do not. Do we act as family members with Jesus in compassion towards others? Or as a religious elite finding excuses to judge and seeking control or position over others?

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