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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mark 10:1-31

Mark 10:1-31
Jesus teaches: main theme is being open before God, not hard-hearted. Children serve as the prime example of being open and the rich the prime example of being hardhearted. Being soft-hearted or open to God means to live a life of harmony with others. Following religious or cultural forms but being hardhearted gets you no closer to the Kingdom of God then being evil. Following the rules or forms of religion does not gain you grace with God, unless it changes your heart to being open to God. Obedience to the way of the open heart leads to the great rewards but at great cost and effort. It comes naturally to children, the least of the population. The way of the open heart is the way to the Kingdom of God but it is not synonymous with obedience to religious tradition. Children will find new ways of solving old problems because they are open to the newness that is life and spirit.

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