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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mark 4:35-41

Mark 4:35-41
Jesus not only teaches about nature, but has control over nature. Certainly his rebuke of the Disciples could be taken that they should have had enough faith to rebuke the storm as well. Or it could read that they should have had faith to know that no harm would be fall them. Here the Disciples have seen miracles and received teachings where all things were revealed, and yet they feared a storm.

It is easy to lack faith in the midst of life’s storms, often when we need it the most we find it hardest to hold. If the storm is not calmed, at least we can know we will make it through safely. There are no secrets to having faith in the times of crisis, either you do or you don’t. But even though they were chastised for it, the Disciples did the right thing by turning to Jesus when they lacked the faith to fight on. Knowing the limits to one’s faith, and abilities, is a very sound self- knowledge. The boat was packed with knowing and able fishermen. Running a boat was not past their abilities, but the storm was. When they reached the end of their skills they needed to rely on faith. But that is hard to do when life circumstances are over whelming.

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