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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mark 10:32-52

Mark 10:32- 52
Another hint at the end of the story and yet it goes by unnoticed by the disciples. When Jesus comes into his own, the disciples think it will be with power and they wish to share in that power. But Jesus makes it clear, again, that power is not authority to rule over others but humility as a servant to others. To follow Jesus and the way to the Kingdom of God means to walk willingly to one’s death as a servant to others in complete obedience to God. Jesus continues to serve others by healing them even when he knows the end is near. Walking the way means being attentive to the way and the destination. The final resting place gives meaning to the way but walking in it daily, with open eyes, takes one to the kingdom of God. The way leads to the kingdom which gives meaning to the way, but one only knows the way by walking in faith and compassion daily. And for Jesus that way leads to Jerusalem and the ultimate sacrifice. How has walking daily in compassion brought you rewards and also sacrifices?

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