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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mark 13

Mark 13
Cryptic remarks about “End Times” always leaves one asking more questions. But it comes down to the two questions which the disciples started it all with: When? And how will we know? And neither question is answered in a manner that we would find satisfactory. What we are left with is three things.
1. It will happen when God chooses it to happen. And the lead up to it will be obvious for those who are watching.
2. God will provide for his own people as it happens so be prepared for instant action but not worried about the outcome.
3. Watch for it as one guarding the door to the house. Diligence, perseverance, and expectation are the watch words.
But ultimately what does it all mean?
It means that the Kingdom of God is a real thing, that God’s concern is for this place and these people and at some point true peace will descend upon the earth. But when it does there will be great calamity and existing powers will fight the change and imbalance as heaven and earth meet. Watchfulness is a state of being which keeps one focused on the kingdom that will come and attention off the things of the earth.

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