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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mark 14:1-52

Mark 14:1-52
The Passover lamb is readied for sacrifice. The woman anoints Jesus head. The disciples do not understand this meaning and Judas agrees to betray Jesus. The Lamb is ready for sacrifice and his body and blood are given freely for the covenant which it symbolized. Even now the Disciples still continue to miss the point. Death is coming and all will fall away for death is not coming for them, only Jesus. The Disciples must live on. The Disciples who insisted they would walk to death with Jesus could not even walk in prayer with him. But Judas and the religious leaders could walk with death and gather against Jesus, for night has come. All scatter before the crowd at the arrest of Jesus. Possibly they were expecting a rebellion and Jesus to rise up against Rome, but that was never Jesus teaching, nor his purpose.

In the night with a kiss, Jesus is betrayed. This darkness Jesus saw coming and was prepared for it. But dawn cannot come except after night and darkness as passed away. The dark night still looms ahead for Jesus. He is alone. His friends have deserted him. The bitter cup of tears has been presented. 

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