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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mark 16

Mark 16
Mark seems to have two endings. The most ancient texts end with the women fleeing the empty tomb with a message at verse eight. But more has been added with later texts, which makes sense because the story continues beyond the empty tomb.
- Short Version
Mary saw where Jesus was laid and went with other women to properly anoint the body. But the body was no longer present. In his place stood an angel directing the women to the fulfillment of Jesus teachings. Jesus had instructed them he would rise and wet them in Galilee. And now the women are to be the messenger to the Disciples that the Lord has risen and the next stage is set. Jesus is waiting in Galilee. Jesus, the son, has the inheritance readied. He is waiting upon those who will inherit the fertile fields prepared for harvest with truth. But this Gospel ends and we are left wondering what happens next.
- Long Version.
The Disciples do not meet Jesus in Galilee but continue in their unbelief. Even after a number of witness attest to Jesus resurrection. Finally Jesus appears to the Eleven and chastises them for their lack of faith. Jesus empowers them to continue his ministry of healing and to the spreading of the good news to all of creation.

This addition explains the state of affairs in the community of the gospel’s author. The power they share and their commission to do the work they are undertaking. It helps to bridge the gap from the failure to appear in Galilee and vibrant community that is still maintaining the teachings of Jesus.

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