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Friday, July 19, 2013

Matthew Chapter 11

Mathew Chapter 11

John wonders about Jesus if he is the one to come or not. Earlier when John baptized Jesus, he knew. Now that John has been arrested and locked up in prison maybe his faith is shaken and he doubts what he once knew in the spirit of faith. Jesus reaffirms John’s faith by pointing out the good works and the good message that is being accomplished.

Now Jesus questions the crowd about who John is. John is the forerunner and herald of change. The crowds have left John for Jesus but the power and position of John has not changed. He is the Elijah who will bring the kingdom closer to all who can hear and understand.

Even those who witness the power of Jesus are unrepentant. They do not “hear” what the true message is. They have had their chance and time is coming to an end for them. They could have fasted with John or celebrated with Jesus, but instead they refused them both.

Repentance and life in Jesus is an easy burden unlike the Law, which has been made extremely difficult. Legalism of the Law oppresses, but the yoke of Jesus is mercy, forgiveness and compassion, which sets one free and makes life easier. Life in Jesus is not a burden but a freedom.

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