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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Matthew Chapter 12

Matthew Chapter 12

The Sabbath is for rest and communion with God, not for a legalized entrapment of others. The Sabbath is for health, healing and community. The religious leaders cannot understand the spirit of God because they are trapped by their understanding of Scripture. Even where the Scripture points to the Spirit they can only misunderstand. Sabbath rest is not a legalized ideal but a place of mercy.

Anything the religious leaders try against Jesus is easily refuted because they are not acting in the Spirit. History will stand against the generation that does not believe because history understands the Spirit as a testimony of the times to one who is greater than those in the past. The testimony of history supports the claims of the spirit, not the claims of the religious leaders.

Evil will be known by the fruits, which are produced out of the heart.

Being a disciple means being family.

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