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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Matthew Chapter 10

Matthew Chapter 10

The workers are few. Jesus gathers his twelve disciples and empowers them with the authority to carry on his ministry. His commission comes with a price, total obedience to God. God will provide the means and the way. They are to depend upon God for the worker is worthy of his keep. None of them will be able to say “I did it” for it will all be from God. In fact the only reward they can expect is persecution, just as their Master, Jesus, is going to be persecuted. Jesus is in it with them and they with him. But the eternal reward will be worth the pain of this world.

Being sent by Jesus to preach and heal means being given special authority. Everyone will not recognize that authority. Those who recognize it will be blessed to receive the teachings. But being a disciple of Jesus requires sacrifice which the world does not understand but is necessary for the later reward. The Spirit empowers the disciples to make a difference in the world.

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